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Giben WIBJ-5L Stryker CNC Router.

Item #: WIBJ-5L
Brand: Giben
Model: WIBJ-5L
Year Mfg:

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The WIBJ-5L is the wider (1300mm) version of the WIBJ-5 with added top pressure for added support across the wider working area.

Width Capacity: 1300mm
Router Spindle: 5hp Router with RPM range of 1000-18000
Vertical Spindles: 12 Vertical Spindles
Horizontal Spindles: 3 + 2 Front and  Back Horizontal Spindles 
plus 1 + 1 Lateral Horizontal Spindles
Grooving Saw: 2hp Grooving saw
Bar Code Reader: Optional

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