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RFS Protech Model PT-6 Radius Former

Item #: PT-6
Brand: RFS Protech
Model: PT-6
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $340,000.00

Our Price: $340,000.00


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  • The machine can form half round parts with a minimum inside diameter of 16" and a maximum inside diameter of 96". The machine can produce much larger and smaller radii as sections of ellipses or other arc section shapes.

  • Maximum part thickness is 6".

  • Maximum part width is 11" or combinations thereof, for example two 5" wide parts in a single pressing.

  • The machine includes complete computer controls including a custom designed Personal Computer with industrial interfaces to control all machine functions and determine the proper set- up for the machine.  All press controls are contained in a freestanding operator’s console that includes a full touch screen monitor and all necessary pushbuttons and gauges for complete control.

  • The computer controls the set-up and operation of each of the components including the form arms and the main carriage.

  • The software, which is very user friendly, includes set-up for all types of shapes including arc section ellipses and various other radiused shapes.  It leads the operator through a series of questions on the shape that is to be produced, then can either simulate the part for him, print a drawing of the part (when connected to an optional printer) tell the operator all of the set-up parameters for the press including the required veneer lengths, and then set-up the press for the new shape.

  • The press features a heavy, welded frame composed of high precision laser cut components for strength and accuracy.

  • The main bridge is powered by a heavy 7 1/2 hp. gear motor are of the highest quality.

  • Clamping pressure is applied in a progressive manner to allow the laminates to move slightly in relation to each other for tighter laminated parts and to avoid glue build-up and subsequent weak joints.

  • Heavy hydraulic brakes with dual calipers are mounted on the bridge to insure that the spring retracted, stainless steel band applies proper laminating pressure to the parts.

  • Up to 22" of straight leg extension clamping is provided by a double row of eight pneumatic cylinders on each side of the bridge.  These cylinders activate sequentially to continue the progressive clamping system of the main tension band.

  • Forty-one pairs of special extruded formarms are accurately positioned by 41 high precision stepper motors under the full control of the computer.  This feature eliminated the use of forms in the machine.

  • The formarms arc can allow for up to a total of 16 degrees of overbend (8 degrees per side) to be added to the part to compensate for spring back.

  • The formarms are securely locked into place by hydraulic clamps that can apply up to 5,000 psi of pressure to insure minimum deflection and tight tolerances on finished parts.

  • O.A pneumatic cylinder assists in lifting the finished parts from the machine, including a convenient footswitch.

  • P.The machine is wired for 480 volt, three phase power, and 120 volt, single phase power.  Other voltages are optional, please specify.