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Rilesa Omnia 2200 drilling machine

Item #: Omnia 2200
Brand: Rilesa
Model: Omnia 2200
Year Mfg:
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Rilesa Omnia 2200 drilling machine.

By linking the Modul II to the Omnia 2200, you can drill in the front- and back sides of the workpieces and makes it possible to drill in 5 sides in one process.

The Omnia 2200 is equipped with a buffer magazine, that leads the workpieces with a belt in the Modul II. Here, the workpieces are positioned from 4 sides, drilled and transported back to the operator on a belt conveyor.

Drilling from 4 sides
Linked to Modul II:
Drilling from 5 sides
Optional: Side displacement of drilling units
Materials: Solid wood, MDF, chipboard and plywood
Components: f.x. drawer sides and fronts

Height: 10 - 40mm
Width: 20 - 250mm
Length: 160 - 2200mm